The Mechanic community maintains a board of task requests, where anyone can submit their idea for an addition to the Mechanic task library.

How does this work?

Twice a month (on the 15th and last day of the month), Mechanic staff will commission the top-voted task for implementation (filtering by the criteria below).

What kind of task requests are accepted?

We accept task requests in two categories:

  • Tasks that are broadly useful off-the-shelf for non-technical users

  • Tasks that are useful foundations for developers, for further modification or inspiration

If you need a task that's specifically tailored to a unique situation, or if you have a tight timeline, the task requests board is likely not a good fit. Instead, work with a developer one-on-one to create something that suits your needs specifically.

Who implements these task requests?

The Mechanic staff commission these from developers in the Mechanic community. If you're a developer interested in receiving this kind of work, get in touch at

Where can I file a task request?

Head to :)

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