Import and export
Mechanic tasks may be imported and exported as JSON, using the "Import" or "Export" button below the task editor. The JSON schema used for representing tasks is identical to that used by the task library, making it suitable for contributing to the task library.


To import a task, use the "Start a custom task" button on the Mechanic homepage.
On the next screen, scroll to the end of the task editor, and click the Import button.
Paste your task JSON into the import area.
All task data found in the supplied JSON will be loaded into the current task. After pasting, you'll be instructed to close the modal. Once closed, you may then work with and/or save the resulting task.


When working with an existing task, find the "Export" button at the end of the task editor.
On the next screen, copy the JSON found in the export box. This JSON is a complete representation of the entire task (including all documentation and configured options), and may be used for task imports, or for contributing to the task library.
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