Access control, for anything in your online store :)

What is Locksmith?

As a tool, Locksmith's power comes from a super-versatile yet super-simple idea: locks to protect your content, and keys to let different people in. Locksmith is made by Lightward (us) the same makers as Mechanic. Give Locksmith a try today!

Once you've locked something, use keys to grant access if the customer…

  • has a certain tag

  • is signed in

  • gives a certain passcode

  • arrives via a secret link

  • is not signed in

  • does not have a certain tag

  • gives one of many passcodes

  • subscribes to your Mailchimp list or newsletter

  • subscribes to your Klaviyo list or newsletter

  • has one of many email addresses

  • the customer's email contains something specific

  • has purchased a specific product

  • has placed at least x orders

  • has a certain product in their cart

  • has a certain variant in their cart

  • has at least $x in their cart

  • has a certain IP address

  • is visiting from a certain country

  • is visiting before a certain date and time

  • is visiting after a certain date and time

Or, grant access using any custom condition by using a little Liquid code.

Locksmith --> Mechanic Integration

Every time access is granted to a resource on a store using Locksmith, an event is sent to Mechanic with the following payload for the locksmith/sessions/ping event topic

  "event": {
    "keys": [
        "_id": 74,
        "options": {
          "inverse": false,
          "force_open": null
        "conditions": [
            "_id": 100,
            "type": "passcode",
            "options": {
              "passcode": "hello",
              "passcode_uses_left": null,
              "input_prompt": null,
              "input_masked": false,
              "customer_remember": true,
              "customer_autotag": null
        "lock": {
          "_id": 86,
          "_title": "Short Sleeve T-Shirt",
          "_has_resource": true,
          "_resource_path": "products/short-sleeve-t-shirt",
          "_resource_url": "https://example.myshopify.com/products/short-sleeve-t-shirt",
          "_resource_admin_url": "https://example.myshopify.com/admin/products/756455899231",
          "_resource_type_for_humans": "product",
          "_resource_description": "A product, with the handle \"short-sleeve-t-shirt\"",
          "_updated_at": "2018-06-21T20:52:42.111Z",
          "_notices": [
              "status": "info",
              "title": "This product will still appear in search results and collection lists.",
              "description": "To change this, update the lock settings."
          "resource_id": 756455899231,
          "resource_type": "product",
          "resource_options": {},
          "enabled": true,
          "options": {
            "hide_links_to_resource": false,
            "hide_resource": false,
            "manual": false
    "params": {
      "passcode(100)": "hello",
      "passcode": "hello"
    "customer": {
      "id": 2056359493,
      "email": "test@example.com",
      "accepts_marketing": false,
      "created_at": "2015-12-07T00:50:51-05:00",
      "updated_at": "2018-06-21T18:08:21-04:00",
      "first_name": "Isaac",
      "last_name": "Bowen",
      "orders_count": 41,
      "state": "enabled",
      "total_spent": "119.99",
      "note": "",
      "verified_email": true,
      "phone": null,
      "tags": "bar, foobar, Wholesaler"
    "cart_token": "b96b8309b1d4002bd5336644c79d3e80"

Webhooks can be enabled by visiting your Locksmith Settings page, and clicking "Enable Mechanic events" under the Extensions heading:

Please email team@uselocksmith.com if you need help enabling webhooks to be sent to Mechanic.

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