To make events easy to identify, each event has a topic. Tasks signal their interest in specific event topics using subscriptions.

A topic looks like "shopify/customers/create", and it has three parts:

  • The domain describes the source of the event. Shopify events have "shopify" as their domain, and events generated by Mechanic itself use "mechanic".

  • The subject describes the type of resource the event describes. Events that are about customers have "customers" as their subject, and events that are about orders have "orders".

  • The verb describes what has just occurred. Events that are about creating resources generally have "create" as their verb, and events that are about deleting resources generally have "delete".

User-defined topics

The User event domain is for custom, user-generated events, having any subject and verb (e.g. "user/foo/bar"). As with all events, a User event topic must use the standard three-part topic form, but only the "user/" prefix is mandatory.

Mechanic allows developers several ways to generate custom User events:

  • The Event action can be used with any User event topic

  • Webhooks may be configured to generate events using any User event topic

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