A task subscription is the expression of a task's intent to receive certain events, filtering by topic. A subscription consists of an event topic, optionally combined with an offset. A task may have any number of subscriptions.

A task's subscription configuration, within the task's advanced settings.


Offsets are used to specify a length of time that the task should wait before responding to the event.

Subscription offsets are appended to the subscription topic, and are of the form "+1.hour". Offsets may be given using minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years.

A subscription consisting of an event topic and an offset looks like "shopify/customers/create+1.hour".

The Shopify variables available to tasks always contain data drawn from the event itself. If a task has a offset event subscription, this data may be outdated by the time the task runs.

To reload the data in a Shopify variable, use something like this:

{% unless event.preview %}
{% assign customer = customer.reload %}
{% endunless %}

Remember, Mechanic does not permit access to the Shopify API during event preview. Using this unless statement ensures that reloading only happens during a live event.

Using Liquid

A task's subscriptions are parsed for Liquid, at the time the task is saved. Combined with task options, this is an opportunity to generate subscriptions based on user configuration, adding or removing subscriptions based on the user's choice, or adjusting subscription offset based on a user-entered value.

One subscription is permitted per line. Blank lines and leading/trailing whitespace is permitted.


Conditional subscription
Conditional subscription
{% if options.send_email_when_order_cancelled__boolean %}
{% endif %}
Dynamic offset
Dynamic offset
shopify/orders/paid+{{ options.days_to_wait_before_followup__number_required }}.days
Optional offset
Optional offset
shopify/customers/create{% if options.wait_one_hour__boolean %}+1.hour{% endif %}