🧑‍đŸ’ģ"I need help with my custom task!"

What support is included with my Mechanic subscription?

Our support team assists with platform issues and issues with tasks from Mechanic task library. For custom tasks not included in our task library, our support service is limited to Mechanic platform support.

Getting help with custom tasks

Slack Community

  • Community Support: We encourage you to join our Slack community, where you can seek advice and share experiences with other Mechanic developers. Often, community members can offer insights or solutions based on their experiences.

  • Joining the Community: You can join our Slack community through the following link: Mechanic Slack Community.

Hiring a Developer

  • Partner Directory: We recommend hiring a developer if the issue requires more in-depth technical expertise. Our partner directory lists qualified developers familiar with Mechanic task development.

  • Finding a Developer: Visit our partner directory at partners.mechanic.dev to find a developer who can customize or optimize your task. If you want to be matched with a suitable developer, use our matchmaking service.

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