Metafield object

This page is part of a series: see Metafields for an overview on how Mechanic's Liquid implementation thinks about metafields.

The metafield object reflects the REST Admin API's representation of a metafield.

Mechanic includes support for the metafield object for completeness, but it is not the most useful way to go about using metafield values (see Metafield representation object).

What it contains

For many metafield types (e.g. dimension, weight, decimal, etc), the value attribute of the metafield object is a JSON-encoded string. For most scalar types (e.g. boolean, number_integer), the value attribute has a matching type.

The simplest way to access a usable version of a metafield value is via the metafield representation object, i.e. resource.metafields.namespace.key.value.

How to access it

  • For modern metafields, use resource.metafields.namespace.key.metafield to retrieve the metafield object itself.

  • For deprecated metafields, use resource.metafields.namespace.key to retrieve the parsed, appropriately-typed metafield value.

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