Options object

Only available within a task, the options object contains all values provided by merchants while configuring the task.

Each option value is itself parsed for Liquid. The options variable is not available during this pass. :)

How to access it

Use {{ options }} or {{ options.foobar }} in a task's...

  • Liquid event subscriptions (see Task subscriptions)

  • script

  • online store JavaScript

  • order status JavaScript

    For more discussion on using this object, see Task options.

What it contains

This object is always a hash. The keys always correspond to lookups (i.e. {{ options.foobar__required }}) in the task script (and elsewhere). The values are configured by the user, using a form that's automatically generated by Mechanic.

For more on using this object (and implicitly constructing the merchant-facing configuration form), see Task options.

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