Metafield collection object

This page is part of a series: see Metafields for an overview on how Mechanic's Liquid implementation thinks about metafields.

A metafield collection object is an iterable set of metafields, which also supports using lookups to narrow the set by metafield namespace, or, further, to identify a single metafield by looking up by key.

How to access it

  • Use resource.metafields to retrieve the full set of that resource's metafields

  • Use resource.metafields.namespace to retrieve the full set of that resource's metafields, filtering by metafield namespace

  • Use resource.metafields.namespace.key to retrieve a metafield representation object – unless the referenced metafield has a deprecated type, in which case the parsed metafield value is returned directly

Supported Liquid resources

  • Article

  • Blog

  • Collection

  • Customer

  • Order

  • Page

  • Product

  • Shop

  • Variant

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