Run links

Mechanic run links give your users a useful point of entry.

Some tasks lend themselves to manual invocation by a user, on demand. In these cases, Mechanic makes available run links: URLs from which a task run may be created, suitable for bookmarking or sharing.

Run links can be useful in an external application, email, or website – anywhere a custom user experience would be improved by a shortcut to an opportunity to craft a specific Mechanic task run.

Shopify admin action links are a form of run link.


Run link format varies based on the style of task run desired.

Manual trigger

For tasks subscribing to mechanic/user/trigger and mechanic/user/text, the run link points to /apps/mechanic/tasks/{task id}/run, as illustrated below:

For tasks subscribing to mechanic/user/text, the text submission may be prefilled using the data query parameter, as in ?data=drink+me%21.

Shopify resources

For tasks subscribing to mechanic/user/{Shopify resource} (i.e. for tasks responding to Shopify admin action links), create a link pointing to /apps/mechanic/tasks/run within the Shopify admin, using the resource_type and ids[] query parameters as shown below.[]=12345&ids[]=67890

Breaking this down, the URL consists of the following:

  • Protocol, host, path
  • resource_type query parameter

  • ids[] query parameter


Repeat the ids[] query parameter as needed, for each relevant resource ID.

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