Action object

The Action object describes an action that was defined, and the run that was performed for that action.

As such, the Action object only comes into play with tasks that subscribe to mechanic/actions/perform, analyzing the results of action runs, for the purpose of performing follow-up work. Learn more about this technique: Responding to action results.

How to access it

  • Use {{ action }} in tasks responding to mechanic/actions/perform

What it contains

  • type – a lowercase string, defining the action type

  • options – the options with which the action was configured

  • run – an object containing the following attributes, describing the run that was generated by the action's performance

    • id – a string containing the UUID for this action

    • ok – a boolean, true for a successful action run, and false for a failure

    • error – either null, or a string containing the error message returned for a failed action

    • result – the data returned from the action; format varies by action type

    • result_meta – an object containing useful performance-related data

    • attempts – an integer, indicating the number of times the action was attempted before final success or failure

    • enqueued_at – the time at which this action was sent to our queue for execution

    • started_at – the time at which the action started

    • stopped_at – the time at which the action stopped

    • elapsed_time_ms – the number of milliseconds this action required, from start to stop

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