Mechanic does not have different plans. The following details apply to every Mechanic account:
  • Each account in good standing may install an unlimited number of tasks, may receive an unlimited number of events, and may process an unlimited number of runs.
  • Each account has a limited-term trial period, during which no billing agreement is required.
    • When the trial period expires, Mechanic will suspend the account, and will stop processing incoming events for that account.
    • Shopify stores that will only be used for development and testing, which will never see production customer traffic, are invited to write to [email protected] to request a super-extended trial period.
  • Every account qualifies for our pay-what-feels-good pricing policy, in which our system offers a suggested price based on Shopify plan type, inviting the user to contact [email protected] to talk about what price feels good to them.
    • Mechanic exclusively uses monthly billing.
  • Every account is subject to our data policy.

Development stores

Mechanic is Partner-friendly! If you have a Mechanic account used exclusively for development or testing, receiving no customer traffic, send the core team an email at [email protected]. We can usually help out by granting a super-extended trial period. :)
Last modified 2mo ago