Order object

How to access it

  • Use {{ order }} in tasks responding to shopify/orders events

  • Use {{ refund.order }} in tasks responding to shopify/refunds events

  • Look up specific orders by their ID, using {{ shop.orders[12345678900] }}

  • Loop through all open orders: {% for order in shop.orders %}

Or, loop through all orders, not just open orders: {% for order in shop.orders.any %}

Or, use these sub-objects to loop through certain subsets of orders: shop.orders.open shop.orders.closed shop.orders.cancelled shop.orders.authorized shop.orders.pending shop.orders.paid shop.orders.partially_paid shop.orders.refunded shop.orders.voided shop.orders.partially_refunded shop.orders.unpaid shop.orders.shipped shop.orders.partial shop.orders.unshipped

Or, combine to be even more selective: shop.orders.any.paid.unshipped shop.orders.refunded.shipped shop.orders.open.pending.unshipped

What it contains


Out of the box, only orders from the last 60 days are accessible. To give Mechanic access to your complete order history, enable "read all orders".

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