How do I add a Shopify access scope to my task?

If you're reading this page, you might have encountered an error like this one:

{"message": "Access denied for metaobject field. Required access: `read_metaobjects` access scope."}

The solution is usually found in task previews! Mechanic auto-applies access scopes as the need is demonstrated during task preview. If a scope is missing, it's usually because it wasn't used during task preview.

Debugging steps

  1. Create a new task, subscribing to something like mechanic/user/trigger.

  2. Copy in just the parts of your code that are using the scope(s) in question, without any if/else blocks.

  3. Does the new task request the right scope(s)?

    • If yes: Great! This means that the problem can be solved at the level of task code, by making sure that the code you just tried is evaluated during task preview.

    • If no: Great! Export your new task (i.e. the one that's specifically focused on the issue), and send it to, so a member of the platform team can take a look.

      • Important: the platform team can't help with debugging custom code, but they can help with platform issues. If you've reached this part, you might have found a platform issue!

Getting more help

The best place to compare code-level notes is our community Slack workspace. Join up, start a thread, and share your code in the new thread.

If your issue is time-sensitive, get help from a professional Mechanic partner.

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